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MOJO BRASS: “Apático"

(What does 'Apático' mean?)

1  La Battaglia Concerto Primo - Adriano Banchieri, arr. Robert Miller
These Are Days - by Robert Buck & Natalie Merchant, arr. Robert Miller
Miserere - Gregorio Allegri, arr. Robert Miller
Ascendens Christus - Tomás Luis de Victoria, arr. Robert Miller
Morir Non Può il Mio Cuore - Maddalena Casulano, arr. Robert Miller
6  Mrs. Robinson - by Simon and Garfunkel, arr. by D. Slomin and Robert Miller
7  Lux Aurumque -  E. Whitacre, arr. R. Miller
Ave Regina Coelorum
-  Orlande De Lassus, arr. Robert Miller
BBPolka - J.Yapp, arr. R. Miller
10  One Hand, One Heart - by Lenny Bernstein, arr. P. White & R. Miller
11  Beata Es Virgo Maria - Tomás Luis de Victoria, arr. Robert Miller
12  Sweet Honey-Sucking Bees
- John Wilbye, arr. Robert Miller
13  Blueish Grass - Roland Chadwick, arr. Robert Miller
14  Both Sides Now - Joni Mitchell, arr. D. Sloman, adapted by Robert Miller
15  Dieu! Qu'il la Fait bon Regarder! from 'Trois Chansons'
- C. Debussy, arr. Robert Miller
16  The Bluebird - Charles Villiers Stanford, arr. Robert Miller
17  Jerusalem Octo Vocibus (from Lamentations of Jeremiah) - Tomás Luis de Victoria, arr. Robert Miller
18  Battle of Jericho - Moses Hogan, arr. Robert Miller
19  Tito - Jacques Ibert, arr. Robert Miller
20  Die Himmel Erzehlen die Ehre Gottes - Heinich Schutz, arr. Robert Miller

All music arranged and/or adapted by Robert Miller (ASCAP)

Mojo Brass:
*Robert Miller - trumpets/cornets
Lawrence Wiley - trumpets/cornets
*Brad Schock - french horns
*Ryan Miller, trombone
Heather Gibson, bass trombone
*Jeff Fleuw - tubas

* = personnel appearing on this recording

(Jeff Fleuw appears courtesy of Fantom Records)

Special guests on this project:
Jessica Fleuw Vinton, piano
Residents of New Carlisle, Ohio: cars, trucks, and assorted rusty mufflers

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Recorded March-June 2015, in Mojo Brass Studio, New Carlisle, OH (Robert, Ryan and Brad),
and Fantom Studios, Los Angeles, CA (Jeff and Jessica)

using CAD studio mics, Tascam hardware, Cubase and Sound Forge software, and a lot of love.
Polk Audio and Sony Reference Monitor headphones used for mastering this project.

All arrangements and performances © 2015 Mojo Brass - All rights reserved.